Plunder and Infamy

Current Holdings

Infamy 19
Plunder XX (location)

Plunder and Infamy Quick Rules

Disrepute: The amount of Infamy the PCs have accrued through successful Infamy checks, which can be spent on impositions. Costs measured in Disrepute are marked with a price.
See Impositions

Infamy Check: A Bluff, Intimidate, or Perform check made to gain Infamy and Disrepute. The DC of this check equals 15 + twice the group’s average character level. Spending plunder grants bonuses on this check.

Impositions: Incredible deeds and outrageous acts that grant the PCs a variety of benefits or impose crippling consequences on their victims. Higher tier impositions become available as PCs reach higher Infamy thresholds.

Infamy Threshold: Ranges measured in Infamy. Upon achieving new Infamy thresholds, additional impositions become available for purchase. More…

Plunder: An approximation of valuable but non-useful cargo. One point of plunder is worth about 1,000 gp, and takes up 10 tons of cargo capacity, unless otherwise noted.
Paying Your Crew: Deduct one Plunder each time you attempt to sell plunder, regardless of the actual value of one point of plunder at that port. A crew not paid on a regular basis may not be too happy with their captain and officers.

Infamy: The highest total number of points of Disrepute achieved by making successful Infamy checks, representing the PCs’ total reputation. This number cannot exceed the PCs’ average party level × 4 but rarely, if ever, decreases.

Plunder and Infamy

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