Skulls & Shackles


[5/29/18 all added to Google Sheets document]

Rickety Squibbs
Started with ?
Broad Rudder (500 gp) – +1 Sailing Checks
Rapid Deploy Sails (1000 gp) – +1 Sailing Checks
Smuggling Compartment (500 gp) – 5 Cubic Feet
Ram (1000 gp) – +2D8 & Ignores damage for first square
+2 Plunder returned for good deeds
Final: ?
First Fight
Started with: ?
2 Points of plunder in manufactured goods
5 plunder in ship value
1500 GP from Slaves
2402 GP in Goods

19 Plunder
3900 GP

Ship's Log
Days 11-14

Capitalizing on the good will we garnered from the rescue of the rigger and the feast of claws, the small group of less-wretched individuals I have fallen in with have been reducing the animosity levied at us by the other crewmates. With a few theatrics added to stories and some impressive working displays we now have a fairly clear majority of the crew who might not be willing to try and waylay us on the way to morning mess.

Unfortunately that seems to have been noticed by the officers who mixed up our routine the past two days and are now dragging Woe across the deck. I see stormy seas ahead.

[300 xp]

First Days On Board

Woken from an uncomfortable slumber in the bilge, the newly pressganged crew mates were made to scamper up the rigging in a race for the top. The Tiefling Woe won and was made one of the ships riggers, the pair of Undine and the ratman became swabs and the Vishkanya was put in the kitchen with the chef.

On the first day Zenith managed to wipe herself out pumping the bilges, Maarin was able to catch and clear rats from the ship, Woe performed masterfully in the crows nest and Gnash disappointed everyone with his poor fishing skills. The evening was a set of having fun at Gnash’s expense after the woeful quantity of fish he was able to provide for the ship that evening, but nothing beyond a fair bit of fun. Gnash placed money on Woe’s armwrestling and made a few gold then shared some tales with the older pirates gathered exchanging stories as well.

Day two saw both Undine pumping the bilges where Zenith exhausted herself again. Gnash helped clean the kitchen and got to meet the Quartermaster a little. Woe again showed he knew his way around the ropes. Evening came and the deck’s show consisted of a keelhauling. A man the Undine had met tied in the bilges earlier that day. Before normal evenings events could begin Gnash, in an attempt to let Woe keep his oaths went to pour out his Rum Ration and instead slipped and poured it all over Mister Plugg’s boots. Taking personal offence to this he decided to lash the snake-man. Woe attempted to stand up for him, offering to armwrestle him over the event. Plugg made them both take their rations then lashed the snake-man anyway and had his arm wrestling match with Mister Plugg. The Tiefling ultimately won much to the chagrin of the first mate.

Good Morning!


Having been press-ganged from the streets around Port Peril’s notorious tavern, the Formidably Maid, the group awakens groggily inside a darkened room. The night before is a blur of ringing laughter, strong drink, and rich food, though now a tinge of regret and weariness grips them, before they can do much more than sit up and look around they hear several heavy pairs of boots approach and are momentarily blinded by the harsh light of a lantern…


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