Ship's Layout


The Wormwood

Captain Harrigan’s pride and joy, the Wormwood is a three-masted sailing ship, 100 feet long from stem to stern, and 30 feet wide amidships.

Upper Deck


Really just the foredeck and poop deck, these two rise up above the main deck and give the Captain clear sight lines for sailing. More…

Main Deck


The Main Deck is where most of the action happens, from punishments to hog-lobbing. Doors and hatches on either side of the deck lead to the various living quarters. More…

Middle Deck


The Middle hold is where the food is prepared eaten as well as where most of the goods are stored. It is also home to the Quartermaster’s Hold which, akin to a shop, allows the crew to barter, buy, and sell things aboard the ship. More…


Lower Deck

The Lower Deck is where the majority of the crew sleeps, each pirate has a bunk or hammock and their own footlocker. More…



The bottom of the ship, it is dank, dark, and infested with vermin. Newly press-ganged crew and those who have broken one of the captain’s rules find themselves spending time here in a place where even the work detail feels like a punishment. More…

Ship's Layout

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