Skulls & Shackles


3 Suit of leather armor 30 GP
3 heavy maces 36 GP
2 Masterwork dagger 306 GP
2 handaxes 12 GP
11 knives 22 GP
Short sword 10 GP
Vial of Holy Water 25 GP
Lock (good) 80 GP
2 lbs soap 4 CP
Masterwork Manacles 50 GP
potion of blur 300 GP
Black adder venom (on punching dagger) 120 GP
punching dagger 2 GP
masterwork handaxe carved with notches for kills 306 GP
shortbow with 12 arrows in leather quiver with a buttoned shutter to protect them from the Elements 30 GP
Whip 1 GP
6 spear 12 GP
boatswain’s call
corked dark green bottle containing 8 doses of oil of taggit 720 GP
six gold teeth:5 gp ea. 30 GP
hefty waxed coat with many hidden pockets (No real Value) Jessi?
leather snuff box with a diamond stud worth 100 gp 100 GP
containing 1 dose of dark reaver powder 800 GP
silver wedding ring: 25 gp 25 GP
5 potion of cure moderate wounds 1500 GP
Potion of invisibility 300 GP Matt
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 2000 GP Matt
+1 Short Sword 2010 GP
Leather hip flask depicting crocodile: 25gp 25 GP
2 dagger 4 GP
Chest (no value)
6 Alchemist’s fire 120 GP
2 Barrel of cheap perfume: 25gp ea. 50 GP
a wedding dress inlaid with pearls and set with three tiny rubies: 400 gp 400 GP
A whalebone corset set with mother-of-pearl inlays: 20gp 20 GP
a dozen silver hatpins set with tiny obsidians: 5 gp ea. 60 GP
2 Potion of waterbreathing 1500 GP
Gold buckle: 25gp 25 GP
Scabbard inlaid with pearls: 75gp 75 GP
3 small obsidians: 10gp ea. 30 GP
Spyglass: 750 gp 750 GP
2 silver shoe buckle: 5gp ea. 10 GP
Gold wedding ring: 50gp 50 GP
Silver hatpin: 5gp 5 GP
Silver ring of swimming 2500 GP
5lbs pepper: 10gp 10 GP
Silver tankard: 30gp 30 GP
Silver locket depicting hot, now ghoulish, chick in her prime: 45gp (PRICELESS)
three bottles of fine Chelish perfume: 15 gp ea. 45 GP
a pair of chopsticks made from manticore spikes: 15 gp 15 GP
three wax-sealed clay ewers containing the ashes of the Infernus’s last three captains, their carved names now worn away by the waves: sentimental value?
Besmara’s Tricorn: 1300 gp 1300 GP
2 bracer less archery (set): 5000 GP
Scrimshaw hammerhead skull: 250gp 250 GP
Wand of mirror images: 4500 GP
Ivory walrus tusk set with gold with scrimshaw map of Shackles: 400gp 400 GP
Orca jaw harp set with pearls: 500gp 500 GP
Fancy shark jaw w/silver and gold rings: 250gp 250 GP
6 pearls: 75 gp ea. 450 GP
Whale skull with 6 magical carvings: No Price
8 four pound silver ingots: 20gp ea. 160 GP
4 +1 Heavy Crossbow bolts 160 GP
Silver spearhead
potion of cure moderate wounds 300 GP
3 screaming bolts 801 GP
tidewater cutlass (
+1 cutlass): 1855 1855 GP
masterwork cat-o’-nine-tails 301 GP
light crossbow with 10 bolts, 36 GP
amulet of natural armor +1 2000 GP
bracers of armor +1 1000 GP
shackles of compliance: 1470 gp 1470 GP
leather drinking cup (No value)
Hospitality’s Hammock: 2500 2500 GP

TOTAL MARKET VALUE IN GOLD: 14 pp 39,975gp 420sp 4cp



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